Monday, 17 September 2012

White iphone 5 Release Date

Apple is famous for releasing new products tightly packed with amazing features at exactly the right time, which is why the demand for new Apple products is high. Apple keeps itself distinguished and extremely popular by coming out with sleek, elegant looking devices that have cutting edge, and revolutionary features in them. This time, the hype is revolving around the new white iPhone 5 release date, which is expected to be in late September or mid-October and a lot of Apple critics believe the hype is all for good reason.

This highly anticipated smart phone by Apple is expected to meet the expectations of Apple users and even surpass them. It is said to run without a SIM card, which will be a great advancement. While many of us may wonder how Apple will achieve running a phone without a SIM card - knowing the kind of tricks Apple normally has up its sleeve, they will probably be using some ingenious way indeed. Many people are also wondering whether they will release the white version of the phone instantly, since a wider customer base is inclined more towards the lighter toned smart phone and there is a great probability about it.

Current users of the iPhone may believe that the new white iPhone 5 is going to be simply a renewed version of the previous model but Apple has already promised some new and nifty features for the upcoming release. Along with a whopping 64 GB of storage space and 512 MB of RAM, the new iPhone will also feature the iOS 4, a version that would be introduced the first time into the market. With this brand new feature, users can look at everything they are doing on the phone at the same time instead of just focusing on one application, which can be great for those who like multi-task on their electronic devices. The upcoming iPhone is also said to be using the A5 chip that is used in the iPad 2.

The new iPhone will feature a 3.5-inch screen according to the latest rumors. Whether all of these rumors for the new iPhone are true or not, only time is going to confirm. What we do know for sure is the fact that Apple is completely dedicated to making the entire experience of possessing a high-tech phone as convenient as possible and seeks ingenuity in simplicity. If our readers are looking to make the purchase soon after the iPhone 5 release date, for a special lady or even as an early Valentine present, a good idea is to pre-order your iPhone 5 as soon as possible.

You can even look for customized casings for the iPhone 5, which can have engravings on them either on the black iPhone 5 or on the white iPhone 5. Apple has an impeccable reputation for delivering quality products that are more than electronic devices, which is why the upcoming phone would make a great present for just about anyone especially with the holiday season right around the corner.


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